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VLAND Wholesale Terms

These terms apply to Wholesale Accounts - If you are a Retail customer, see terms information at the bottom of the website.

Terms for all wholesale dealers - if you choose to purchase from VLAND USA and it's authorized dealers / representatives you agree to the following policies. Policies can change at anytime. Visit this page often to see the latest policies.

Retail Dealers are any resellers that buy from VLAND China and/or VLAND USA Fulfillment. 


All Retail Dealers must agree not to advertise in Print, Media, and Online, prices lower than the established Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). The MAP is the same for all dealers. The current MAP is available online from www.vlandusa.com or from the sales team if unavailable online. MAP can change at any time so it is the dealer's own responsibility to request for the updated MAP list. The current MAP is displayed on each item on this website in grey-strikethru font. You must follow that MAP price. VLAND USA is not responsible for typographical errors or service outages.

Those found not following MAP may have their accounts suspended or removed as a dealer. Report any dealers not following MAP. Do not follow their price drop or you will also be in breach of the MAP policy. Be sure to train your employees and reseller customers that MAP will be enforced very strictly and we will not accept excuses that shows clear non-compliance.  The Retail Dealer is responsible for any MAP violations from any resellers that purchase the product and resell, including having their accounts suspended or removed as a dealer. The VLAND dealer program relies on all dealers following the MAP policy.


VLAND Customer Service Policy

Retail dealers are required to provide top level customer service to end user. Retail dealer will never disclose any company contact information of VLAND China or VLAND USA fulfillment services. We will not accept or handle any contact by end user customers of Wholesale Dealers. Retail customers purchasing from VLANDUSA.com can contact us directly for service.

VLAND USA warehouse fulfillment services are only responsible for shipping of the product. All sales are final, purchases made from VLAND USA are non-returnable. Retail dealers assume all ownership once products have received initial acceptance scan by the courier. Shipping cost is not refundable under any circumstance. Credit may be issued based on the RMA claims process policies.

Lost packages, shipping damage, warranty claims are the sole responsibility and risk of the retail dealer placing the order. Defect claims must be reported through the RMA process which may take multiple days for approval by VLAND factory. Products are required to be returned to fulfillment warehouse prior to any credit or replacement.

If you have a claim, it is advised you decide your own business policy if you will purchase a replacement and or provide return shipping label to your customer. This is a customer service business decision by the retail dealer. These issues are not the responsibility of VLAND USA fulfillment services. It will take time for claims and returns so be aware before you contact the fulfillment warehouse and expect immediate replacement service.


VLAND Returns Policy

Returns will only be accepted for wrong item shipped or incorrect shipping address or shipping mistake by the fulfillment warehouse. If your customer purchased the wrong product or has installation problems, that is not a valid return. Warranty items must obtain RMA authorization prior to being returned.

Returns will only be accepted once all information is received and an RMA is issued. Do not send items back to the Fulfillment Warehouse without authorization or it will be refused.

Warranty claims must be approved by VLAND China prior to RMA authorization being issued.

Any returns of any kind that is not authorized or deemed not warrantable or returnable must be shipped out at the dealers expense. Items left over 60days from the RMA issue date will be discarded and no value will be given. By participating as a VLAND dealer you agree to these terms.


 VLAND Warranty Process

VLAND China warranties products from defects in workmanship for 1 year from the date of the order placed. The warranty is solely to the retail dealer and non-transferable. If a end user has a warranty claim it must be reported by the retail dealer. If the item was shipped by VLAND USA, contact VLAND USA office to obtain a RMA form. Once the form and all required information is obtained (including pictures if applicable), and RMA number will be issued. You may then ship the item to the return address that will be given in the RMA authorization email. The dealer is responsible for all shipping cost both ways for any Warranty claims. VLAND China and VLAND USA fulfillment warehouse reserves the right to repair or replace the item at their discretion. The dealer accepts VLAND China's final decision if an item is inspected and does not meet the warranty criteria. If a claim is denied, the dealer has 14-days to provide shipping label/instructions or the item will be considered forfeit and be discarded. By participating as a VLAND dealer you agree to these terms.